At Harness Media, we’ve always been committed to providing exceptional support to our customers. Over the years, we’ve offered support through email and our online request system. While this approach has mostly been effective, we’ve encountered occasional challenges due to email-based support.

One major issue we’ve faced is email spam filters, which can sometimes filter out genuine support requests. Despite checking our spam folder several times a day, important requests could still be delayed by a few hours. Moreover, our replies might end up in clients’ spam folders, causing further delays. Clearly, this was a problem we needed to address.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve revamped our entire support system by implementing a professional support ticketing software and service. This state-of-the-art system is utilized by numerous large companies worldwide, ensuring seamless customer support without the risk of missed requests. As a result, Harness Media can now offer world-class support to our valued customers.

With our upgraded support system, you have multiple ways to reach out to us for assistance. Each method automatically creates a new request in our system, allowing our support technicians to address your concerns promptly. Here’s how you can request support from us:

  • Recommended: Submit a request using our new and improved online support request form at our client portal. This is the preferred method because the form is specifically built to help reduce back-and-forth emails, thus allowing us to serve you faster.
  • Start a conversation with our new online chat feature on our client portal (look for the life preserver icon in the bottom right corner).
  • Send us an email, which will now be directly fed into our new support system.
  • Message us via Facebook Messenger on our official Facebook page.

Once you start a support conversation, you can simply reply within that same conversation until your issue is resolved, whether it be email or chat.

Alternative contact methods, including SMS (text messaging), Twitter direct messages, telephone calls, and walk-ins are not deemed official channels for support communication at this time. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, contingent on your specific account agreement with us.

We’re confident that our upgraded support system will significantly improve your experience with Harness Media, and we look forward to providing you with the top-notch service you deserve.