Harness Media’s Website Care Plans are now called Website Management Plans.

Harness Media was one of the pioneers in the website care space. We were one of the first companies in the world to combine web hosting and ongoing website maintenance into a single service. We also included domain management, DNS management, and other related services into our offerings.

But we didn’t just bundle services to create website care plans. We also virtually constructed our own server infrastructure and established a specific methodology, so that we could custom tailor our offerings to best serve our clients and their websites. This is why we become your web team when you sign on with us.

It may seem ironic that we are abandoning the “website care” term in favor of “website management”. Although most of the website professionals that offer such a service are sticking with the “care” term, we feel that it is confusing because it doesn’t actually describe what we do. We manage your website, software, security, content, domain, DNS, and even the hardware on which it all resides.

To this day, we continue to manage our own servers that are exclusive to us and our clients. We continue to hone our methods and processes. And we continue to add products and services to our now-renamed Website Management Plans to provide the best ongoing care for your website — whether you are a small startup or a large online store with tens of thousands of customers, or anywhere in between.