As a client of Harness Media, you can expect to receive transactional emails from us in regard to your account, billing, support and other important information. We don’t send spam and we only send non-transactional emails if you specifically request them (such as an email newsletter).

In order to ensure delivery of important emails from us, it is important that you either keep a sharp eye on your spam/junk folder, or whitelist our emails and domain names. The latter is recommended, since it means that you won’t have to constantly check your spam folder. The emails will arrive in your inbox where they belong.

Every hosted email provider is a bit different in how they handle whitelisting. Do you use a web browser to check your emails online (such as Gmail or Google G Suite)? Or perhaps you use Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, or maybe even Windows 10’s Email and Calendar application.

You may have an IT department to handle it for you, or you may want to do it yourself. Here are some external resources that may help:

Harness Media does not provide hosted email solutions, nor do we provide email support. This document is intended to help you find the solution for whitelisting our emails (or anyone else’s emails that are important to you). Feel free to link your IT department or manager to this document.

Now that you know how to whitelist emails, here are the email addresses at Harness Media that you should be adding to that list:

If you have the ability to whitelist emails from specific domains, the easier way to setup your whitelist would be to simply allow all emails from our primary domain: We promise, we don’t send spam (pinky swear)!